The Untold History of Card Games

history of card games

Ever wondered what people did in the 14th century for fun? It was not acknowledged as much of a party era. As Black Death continued affecting millions of lives across the Europe, England and France prolonged the Hundred Years of War, and The Khilji dynasty was taking over the South Asia, But above all, one antique of happier times that survived – The ancient deck of playing cards. Here we are revealing the untold history of card games:

The Origin
Playing cards are believed to have originated in China and then spread to Persia and India. After that, they have expanded to Egypt and across Europe in the late 14th century. As several theories and studies are known for the origin of cards, some of the details surrounding the creation of the cards as we know them today are still a topic to debate.

Mainstream history proposes that the first ever playing cards were carved into ivories and stones before the invention of paper printing took place in China. Eventually, the transition of cards went through many phases throughout the century and first complete 52 deck was introduced in France in the late 15th century. The typical red and black suit color scheme that we are familiar with, was invented in France and very little has changed since then.

The Early 18th Century
It was then in the early 18th century, casinos started to pop up which changed the face of the gaming industry. Playing cards have transformed a lot since their invention centuries ago. From being a means of favorite pastime to becoming a ground for gambling, playing cards have come a long way.

Cards were first introduced into gambling in Italy & France. As gambling was becoming a rage among people of all classes, gambling houses started to appear in Italy and eventually the trend did spread throughout the Europe.

Card games like Blackjack, Baccarat & Poker were started gaining popularity when state of Nevada in the US got legalised for gambling in 1931. After that many other countries like Britain and France followed the trend and casinos became the ground for gambling.
Card games have now been evolved and games like Poker and Blackjacks have become more popular in casinos. But with the modern age, came the developed way of playing cards i.e. electronic card games.

Modern Age and Card Games
With growing virtual technology and increased internet users, the mobile gaming market is taking a blow away as people are veering from their desktops towards portable handy devices. There are many popular card game applications and with advanced technology people can now experience casino like atmosphere in their homes through VR headsets.

There are thousands of card games that have been discovered over the years, hundreds of which are being played today and in coming future many new will be invented and history itself is witness to the fact that any event of modern age how ravaging it might be, could really put a dent on one of the oldest pastimes the world has ever known. This is the untold history of card games which stayed incognito over many centuries.

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