3 Interesting Facts About Plum Cards

3 interesting facts about plum card (5)

Why not try a card game that gets your nerves jangling? Truly, madly, deeply in no time you fall for this card game. A tantalizingly notorious card game that is sure to freeze your veins!! Absolutely stunning games, leaving you with a coy smile that will make your cheeks go red. A fresh game introduced in the market. A new concept that brings you closer to your friends. The rules of this game are very simple yet perfectly described in this game.

The game is pretty digestible for all. It takes almost 3-4 business days to deliver. The packing is pretty decent and finally Holy Grail of awesomeness feeling in your palm will be felt. The box is pretty classic. The feel you get just by holding the box proves that you never went wrong with your decision in buying the product. Within the box you get a rule book and a Badshah card as mentioned on the box. The box has a collection of red and yellow cards beautifully separated. As per the rule book there are 75 red question cards and 325 yellow answer cards. Each question gets more exciting as the game proceeds.
Here are some of the most interesting facts we found which definitely keeps this chap at the top of the market.

• Be the wittiest
The whole fun in this game depends on you. The wilder you can be the funnier the game gets. We could say that it’s ‘survival of the wittiest’. The one with the question card decides the winner by picking out the best answer given. The person whose most answer cards are picked out will be the Badshah of the whole game.

• Simple Rules
The rule book provided along with the game is of great help. In case you lost the rule book worry not. The rules are provided in the box too, and also easily accessible on plumcards.in. One player will have the red question card and the rest all will be given the yellow answer cards. Players are asked to maintain 9 cards in their hand to have a continuous flow of the game.

• Worth every single penny
Don’t look at the price. This is a must have game. The game is worth every single penny that you spend. This game has now become a member in parties, picnics and even our study leaves. The service is good and they have a 30-day replacement guarantee too.
This game has gained a lot of attention from the day it was published. This game is really what you need. As there are 325 possible answers for one question the games gets more interesting. But just keep one thing in mind. Be the wittiest.

“Play only if you can handle it!!”

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