Why Card Games are Popular?

Why Card Games Are Popular

When the discussion comes around card games, there are a lot of theories and speculations that we can’t omit. And considering this fact it is one of the most loved and popular way of entertainment in the games genre. For those who don’t know, card games have been around with us for more than centuries. Considered to be invented by the Chinese Tang Dynasty (618-907) in the 9th century, card games have managed to find its way to India and Persia within no time. Later this became a worldwide phenomenon and was emerged as the new face of entertainment. As the technology progressed the level of card games and its influence improved as well. Card games got upgraded to a whole new level and still top the list of most loved games. They have also emerged as one of the most money making games too like poker and rummy.
Have you ever thought why card games are so popular than most of the other games even in this era? Here are a few hints on why card games still rule the market as kings:-

#1. Addictive
Card games are designed with a concept of easy learn and tough to conquer. This is the only game where you might think you have the victory and you can see the whole game changes right in front of your eyes. And, once you’ve tasted the victory there won’t be anything to back you out from playing another round. Card games give you an option/chance to beat all the odds, it’s like life, you just need to make out of all the resources that you have in your hand. We would say ‘anticipation’ is the real reason which makes card games addictive.

#2. Workout of Brain
As you are clear and done with the rules and regulations of the card games the next thing that has to be done is just play. There is lot of thinking and strategies that has to be done and the game gets more exciting level by level when your strategies come up with results. This is like actually a vigorous workout to your brains without getting a fatigue. It has been scientifically proved that people who play card games and solves puzzles have greater brain volume and are best in memory and thinking skills. This just adds another point to the list why everyone loves playing cards.

#3. Social Interaction
Games are a great mean of social interaction. You can meet and mingle with a lot other guys and learn one or two strategies from them. Our technology has improved a lot which opened us a new way to interact. We now have the liberty to play with or against anyone from any corner of this planet. Back in the days, clubs and beer parlors used to host these games to make sure the environment is kept lively to attract other customers and have the beers or drinks rolling.

#4. Guaranteed Fun
Cards games contain the ultimate guide to having fun and this is guaranteed each time when the deck is shuffled. There are over thousands of games that come under card games genre. Each of them having their own rules and instructions as to provide the players the best experience! Trading card games are a market shaker all over the world so as the classic card games with hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds. Some games are purely based on luck and this is the fun factor of these games too. Why do you think casinos are a large hit if people don’t enjoy playing poker?

#5. Platform
Card games are not only limited to dexterity and physical hand-eye co-ordination. They took this another level up by upgrading their platforms and reach. As in this android and ios era, card games are sweeping up the both the markets regarding the number downloads and activity. This just shows that there isn’t any match for card games and they are loved globally.

Card games have been with us from the 9th century and still get better year by year. If there is any game present which can be considered immortal it could be card games (with due respect on classic COD MW4, GTA SA and CS).

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