Top 7 Card Games in India

top card games in India

The invention of card games has been a vital impact on the whole human society. The card games have a history that emerged from the late Imperial China to the modern world. Even today it’s has proved its popularity as being placed at the number 1 position in the most selling toys. As in every country in India too it has a crucial impact. Being the neighboring country to China India has well known reputation in its card game craze. There are a wide variety of card games that are available for us, but only a few are favorites though! Why do you think card games are so popular and entertaining? It’s because of its uniqueness and fun element. It’s a game that can only be played in a group. The more people the more fun you have. Here are a few of my favorites and top card games in India:

#1. 3-2-1
Most of us usually misjudge this game to teen Patti. This is actually an extension to the game required three to six players. The dealer distributes six cards each to each player. Each player without looking at them arranges his cards in three different sets. Three in the first set, two in the second set (Imagine One) and one in the last set. Now without looking at your cards you have to take a guess and declare to others which cards is the best to complete their sequence. The player with best set wins the game.

From the name itself the player gets three cards. The dealer arranges two sets of three cards in the middle. Two cards will be closed and one card will be open. The two cards of each set that were open are considered as joker. The one with highest ranked combination wins the game. Bidding is also permitted during the game. This is a really famous game among the Indian society. This has been an active member in family reunions, parties etc.

This is the only game in India that stands apart from the traditional card games and yet a unique element in parties. Plum Cards is the perfect ice-breaker for dull and dry parties/gatherings and for friends/family to spend some quality time together. This naughty, witty card game will open the gates to unlimited fun and excitement for the young at heart party animals. In fact, Plum Cards will make you so addicted that you will not be able to wait to invite more friends to play. Loaded with interesting imagination, this game will make you roll with laughter, cause your adrenaline to rush with excitement or make you blush a shade red in embarrassment! As being in the spot light let me discuss how to play this wonderful game.

  • There are two sets of cards a Red deck and a yellow deck. The red deck contains questions and the yellow deck contains answers.
  • Distribute 9 Yellow Answer cards to each player; stack the remaining face down.
  • Stack the Red Question cards facing down.
  • Player 1 selects the top card from Red stack and reads aloud the question.
  • Other players handover their answers to Player 1, maintaining anonymity at all times.
  • Player 1 reads aloud each answer, selects his favorite as winner of the round, and discards the other answer cards; Winner is awarded the Red question card.
  • Next round – The Winner selects the new question card from Red stack; Players replenish their yellow cards to maintain 9 cards at all times.
  • Player with maximum red cards at the end wins the game.

This set of cards is the new buzz in the market. Both young and adults enjoy this game equally.

This is one among the most played games using cards and definitely the favorites of all cards lovers. It is mostly played by four people. Ten cards are distributed to each of the players and the rest are kept at the center of the table. A player needs to make three sets in order to take the money in the bank. Each player has to draw cards from the center of the table to make a complete set. Whoever makes the three sets first wins?
These were only a few among the massive collection of card games available to us. Playing cards can improve the IQ level of a human and strengthens the problem solving skills of one. This can also help in having a family time together and keeps the bonds stronger.

You might have been well aware of the name solitaire but I bet you haven’t heard its other name ‘Patience’. This is the only card game which you can play solo or in a head to head game. The game is based on manipulating a layout of cards with a goal of sorting them up. Though this is a card game, it got its fame from the Windows OS platform.

Blackjack or 21 is a well-known card game for casino lovers. The objective is to beat the dealer by getting 21 points on the first two cards. Scoring higher than 21 will result in losing called a bust. But you can win the game by scoring a 21 or less if the dealer busts.

Well poker is one of the most played betting card games. The combination of the cards stacked by the player decides the winner. Each player will be given a certain amount of cards. They can start betting on these cards if they think they have the highest combination. If he/she feels the hand is low, he/she can fold and quit the game. The game ends when a player demands to see the remaining hands. The winner is decided by the highest points acquired.

Card games have been with us for more than a decade. Still the demand for this genre of games never loses. The dual nature of the card games has also been a catchy fact for its tempting nature. Being both educational and entertaining the card games stands out apart from all the other games available in the market now.

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