Top 10 Most Popular Fun Card Games

Popular fun card games

It’s difficult to decide on which card games are the best and why. Card games have been around with us for more than centuries. Playing card games involves intelligence, wittiness, psychology and a bit of luck at the same time. Studies have proved that playing card games has psychological benefits too other than the fun front. Other than the traditional card games many others has also gained a stand in the market. The first card game was invented in the 9th century by the Tang Dynasty of China.
Let’s have a look at the top 10 most popular fun card games:-

1. Exploding Kittens
Exploding Kittens

This is a game for two or five people and is not age restricted. The object of the game is similar to the Russian roulette, where each player is asked to draw cards until one unlucky chap draws out the card of an exploding kitten. The art and graphics on the cards are great and the cards look great with a unique concept.


2. 5 Second Rule- Just Spit It Out

5 Second Rule Just Spit It Out

The game is about naming three items in a specified category in five seconds or less. One card may ask the player to name three dog breeds. Though this seems easy, naming three dog breeds under pressure is really hard. This game is a perfect brain exerciser and a fine time pass.



3. UNO


UNO is a color coded game that is a must have for every family reunions and parties. The main objective is to empty your hand before the other players does. Shedding cards gives point and the first team or player to get 500 points wins the game.



4. Plum Cards
Plum cards are the perfect ice-breaker for all the parties you can think of. This is an age restricted game where players are asked to find the best hilarious answer they can get from the cards in their hand. A limit of 9 cards per hand is kept all through the game. The best answer is awarded the red question card and the one with maximum amount to red card in had wins the match.


5. Blurble

This is a fast-paced game where players blurt out the answers in a blink. This game is for all ages. Flip a card over, and be the first to blurt out a word that starts with the same letter according to the picture on the card. Small kids can gain a great deal of vocabulary with this game.



6. Spot It
Spot It
This is a game where the players are asked to spot the object that two cards have in common. The player to spot first wins. Spot it stimulates development of visual perception and great language skills. This is a must have game for having a quality time with your family.



7. Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever
This is a fun game to star with. This Adult-themed card game is a popular game in Ellen DeGeneres TV show. This unique game allows you to reveal some of the most embarrassing, funny, memorable moments of your life to score points.


8. Apples to Apples
Apples to Apples
This is a hilarious card game that can keep you entertained for hours. The game expect us to make hilarious comparisons between cards while developing our language and reasoning skills. The players are expected to convince the judge their comparison is the best.


9. Set
This is an award winning game that can challenge player’s visual perceptions. This game is a perfect entertainer in travel and family nights. This is a set of cards and players are expected to make sets of the cards they are given. The one to finish first wins.


10. Sushi Go!
Sushi Go
Now, this card game is unique in its rules and game play. The object of the card game is to grab cards as they pass by to make the best sushi dish possible. Triple your points by dipping your sushi in wasabi sauce. The player gets the tag Sushi Master when he/she has the most number of points. This is a game recommended for ages eight and above.
Some of these popular fun card games in the market can make you laugh and boost your skills of perception and reasoning at the same time. Adult-themed games like Plum Cards are guaranteed to liven up party night with your friends. Rediscover how fun card games are by trying a few options from our list.

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