How to Make Your Own Trading Card Game?

trading card game

All of us love playing card games. Whether it is our pastime or any of the social gatherings, a game of cards is certainly fun, every time you begin with. You can enjoy playing them anywhere and everywhere since they are quite portable. There are times when you find people who hardly know about the rules of the game. Certainly an idea of making your own trading card games shall strike your minds. And you never know for the card game you make might become famous someday. To help you out with the same we bring to you tips that will help you with how to make your own trading card game?

1. Decide the Genre of Your Game- You need to decide the genre of your card game. You can choose the type of card game from a variety of available genres. The can select the genre of trick taking types of card games includes spades, euchre, whist, bridge etc. While the other non-rummy types of card games fall into the “fishing” genre namely the casino, seep etc. Also, you find fictional stories like Pyramid from Battlestar Galactica turning into real card games categorized as fictional card games.

2. Have a Unique Background- Your card game should not sound like the other ordinary card game concept. Hence, for maintaining its uniqueness you must come up with an unusual story for having a unique background.

3. Plan Rules Wisely- Don’t come up with too many rules that will piss off the beauty of the card game. Rather you need to design a card game with good set of rules so as to keep the flow of the game. Know how to win. Picking a goal that is simple but achieving it isn’t that simple. If the game is not quite engaging, people will not want it.

4. Graphics are Crucial- Since graphics play an important role. Remember, people like any stuff by its cover. So the cover of your card game has to be appealing, artistic for the viewers. Since you are the creator of your card game, the ball is in your court! You can also look online for available free design software.

5. Avoid Out-Dated Creatures- Select creatures for your games from a relevant time period. Your game should not consist of creatures from various time period. If you still have a creature that refers something like “Time in modern Rome” just discard it immediately.

6. Authentic Name- Original and catchy names for your card game is essential. People will want to play your card game, only if, its name does not sound like the ordinary card games.

7. Photoshop is Optional- The Photoshop is one of the available choices that you have in hand. Or else drawing cards manually is actually a bit time consuming. Print out the designed templates on paper or card as per your requirement. And finally you are ready to play with them.

These are pointers on how to make your own trading card game? You can even share videos on how you play these card games. If you have further tips for the same, do share with us.

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