Top 8 Fun Card Games to Play with Friends and Family


Are you a crazy fan of card games? Then this listicle is precisely for you. Card games have been with us for more than a century and are still the most loved game of all time. You won’t find a better game when we are pointing on the fun meter. Other than the classic card games of hearts and spades there are a lot more chaps running in the market having their own unique style of gameplays and graphics. Here, we’ve handpicked a few of those card games to ensure you a quality fun time with your family and friends.

So let’s have a look at the top 8 fun card games to play with friends and family!


Slash CardsSo to start with, we present you the Slash Cards- Romance without Boundaries. This game tops our list with its unique flavor. We would place them as the nerdiest game of all time. In this game you should pair up potential love matches among fictional characters available. Then for the next step you must justify why your picks are the perfect match. Still didn’t struck you? Well, here’s an example.
I bet you know Elsa from the Disney movie ‘Frozen’. Who do you think will be a perfect match for her? How about Mr. Freeze from the Batman series? Makes sense right! Both loves snow and has special powers relating snow. So this whole game is about making up the perfect justification on your picks and why they need to be together. Impress the judge and take a point for the taking.



DIXITYet another revolutionary card game which swooped the market away! Dixit is a perfect game to warm up your brains and have a great deal of fun at the same time. The catchy factor of these cards is that each of them has the most beautiful modernist paintings on them. A card is shown with a specific picture to the players. Now it’s their turn to find out the perfect card which matches with the card shown to them. Players are asked to submit their cards and the judge shuffles the cards and leaves them on the table face-on for the players. Now it’s up to the players to select the best clue provided.
For example, the judge drew the card with green hair picture on it. Now it’s up to the players to select the cards relating to the green hair. It could be ‘Batman’ or a normal girl with green hair. Finally all the cards are shown and the players decide the best cards relating to green hair.


#3. SNAKE OIL – “It Cures what Ails Ya!”

The game does resemble to the meaning of Snake Oil- a substance with no real medicinal value sold as a remedy for all diseases. Same in this game you are in a quest to sell your snake oil to the judge in most convincing way.

For example, the judge’s character might be a surfer. Each player can draw 2 cards in a turn. Assume that person #1 drew cards with ‘wonder’ and ‘bag’ written respectively and person #2 drew cards with ‘blue’ and ‘pig’. Now it’s up to both the players to convince the surfer (judge) to buy their product. The surfer can only buy one product though. The seller bags the point and the one with highest point wins.


#4. PLUM CARDS – “Play Only If You Can Handle It”

PLUM CARDS‘The new boy in town’. It never took a lifetime for Plum Cards to take over the market pushing its competitor’s way behind. This juicy fleshy witty card game is perfect example for why card games tops in the list of games. Each round features a judge who flips over a card from the deck. This card will have a fill in the blank sentence on it. The players will have cards in their hand with words or sentence fragments of the cards and will use the cards to complete the sentence on the deck card. The player who comes up with the best hilarious and horrible answer wins the round. Now the judge will be the player who won the previous round. The game continues till all the question cards are done. You’ll have a massive number for 325 cards out of which 75 are red question cards and the rest are yellow cards having random answers. Each of the players will be given 9 answer cards each and the judge picks up one red question card from the deck. The best answer will be given the red question card. The players are asked to draw one card each from the deck to maintain the tally number 9 after each round. The one with the maximum number of red cards is the winner and is awarded the tag ‘Badshah’ card as a token of the king of cards! Pretty cheeky right? You would never know how time flies by once you start playing this.




As mentioned in the game cove box it’s a party game for inappropriate people. The gameplay is almost similar to Plum Cards but here you are trying to complete the judge’s sentences though! The judge draws out cards with words like ‘monsters’, ‘Trump’, ‘Hippies’ etc. The players decide whether they love or hate the identity featured in the card. Then everyone submits phrases that might be applicable to the judge’s perspective, ranging from the absurd to the cynical. This is absolutely a time killer.



Mad scientist university
The silliest but yet the funniest card game in the list. Same as all the others in the list, this card game too relies on the justification you provide for the card you picked. But the plots and the cards are so hilarious that it’ll make you ‘rofl’. You start the game as the Instructor (judge) and the other players are your students. The instructor chooses an assignment for the students to complete and the students chooses a card to use as a method to complete the assignment. The goal is to come up with the silliest method to complete the assignment.

For example, the instructor drew up the assignment card which says “get something to eat”, his students should pick out cards with which they can cook up a story and wind up in collecting food (in this case). If the card one of the student/player picked up is ‘lemonade’, he can cook up a story like with the lemonade you ran to the lab and mixed it up with a zombiefying liquid. Then you gave this drink to the quarterback of your university which in-turn turns them up to zombies. Now you command them to raid up the nearest KFC store and out of fear the KFC guys lets them have roasted chicken. But since the corollary of zombies doesn’t eat roasted chicken they’ll give it back to you. Hence, you completed the assignment successfully. The game is all about finding silly ways to complete the assignment.


They say “There are no winners in this game…..only losers”. In each round, one player will be handed the power of judge, and others will draw cards. Your role is to decide which player is more likely to do the action mentioned in the picked cards. Things like ‘Never make it past the pregame’ or ‘Watch planet Earth for five hours’ are all game. Argue your point to the judge using the player’s past, stories and their own personality against them. Whoever gets seven cards first is loser of the game (the one who actually wins). How more interesting can a card game be!!!



The game markets itself as a party game for horrible people. The game contains a cluster of black and white cards. The black ones are the question cards and the white cards contain random answers. The player chooses the best possible hilarious answers from their cards and reads it loud. The Judge who drew the black question card decides who the winner is. The game continues till all the question cards are covered once




In this world, a world which runs behind VR games and other console games, the market is always alive. As the standards of thinking changes people starts demanding more and more from the things they possess at the moment. Card games are such types of games whose demands will never go down. The above listed fun card games for friends and family are the perfect ice-breaker for any kind of parties. Try these sets of card games from this listicle and give us your reviews.

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