Are Card Games Luck Based?

card games and luck

The subject of luck in card games always has been a center of discussion among gaming circles. With everyone seems to validate their different opinions on the relevance of luck on achieving the success. There is the other side of story-
Some believe that each and every aspect of gaming is driven by luck whether some suggests that success can’t be truly achieved until a player utilizes carefully sharpened skills.

So does luck really attribute the success in a game or it’s just a myth to counter the guilt of getting the defeat?
In our lives, many a time we attribute something as the manifestation of luck- Whether getting that window seat during your journey or wishing your dear ones for their good fortune, we always have been indebted of luck in some ways.

The luck factor is always looked as in conjunction with card games. And it is no surprise that the luck vs. skill debate is so widespread among the gamers.

As obvious, it can’t be denied that luck is an important factor in deciding the winning of a game but also to get the advantage of your luck to fall on your side, you indeed master your skills which develop over time.

So, to validate the theories of luck, Professor Wiseman, the author of the book – ‘The Luck factor’, in his ten years of extensive research- addresses four principles on which foundation of luck is based:

  • Maximise the opportunities: Here mathematics plays a role: Simple concept of permutations and combinations applies in card games- The more number of chances you take, the more odds falls in favor of yours. As simple as that.
  • Listen to your instinct: Luck is psychological- it plays with your mind. When you listen to your gut instinct, you are more likely to make decisions that turn into positive results.
  • Always see well in bad: When you look for positive in hard situations, you can even turn your bad luck into your favor.
  • Expect good fortune: Professor Wiseman study says that lucky people always have a positive outlook toward their luck and their confidence in their fate helps them to shape their actions.

In a nutshell, his study points to the fact that – luck is actually a skill that can be learnt over time.

So, now the question arises – Does luck really a skill that one can master with experience? Let’s find out:

Famous Illusionist Derren Brown once said- “My techniques are always concerned with reading signals from people, unconscious clues which deceive their thoughts. And I tend to see it like a game.”

His techniques of deception have adopted by many famous Poker champions around the world. And these techniques have become so widespread that it gets its own name- “The Poker face.”

Thus, skill also plays a major role in the card games – A skilled player indeed can affect the outcome of the game with accurate knowledge of your opponent’s mind and his/her body language and can outplay them regardless of number of card combination you have.

Now, you must be wondering how luck and skills both are related to each other in deciding the game outcome?
Here is the answer: The luck factor takes time to manifest and by exercising your skill, you put yourself in the position to get luckier often.
And as Tennessee William says – “Luck is believing you are lucky.”

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