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Plum Cards

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Plum Cards is the perfect ice-breaker for dull and dry parties/gatherings and for friends/family to spend some quality time together. This naughty, witty card game will open the gates to unlimited fun and excitement for the young at heart party animals. In fact, Plum Cards will make you so addicted that you will not be able to wait to invite more friends to play. Loaded with interesting imagination, this game will make you roll with laughter, cause your adrenaline to rush with excitement or make you blush a shade red in embarrassment!

Product Information:

question cards:75
answer cards:325
players:4 to 12
Model Number:PC0001
Weight:600 gms
Dimensions:13.5 x 8.5 x 9.5 cm

Contents of the box:

Cards: 400
Badshah Card: 1
Rule Book: 1


Why get your set of Plum Cards?

Unlike any other game of cards you may have played till date, this wicked and hilarious card game can make your adrenaline rush with excitement at every step. An ultimate party game for the young-at-heart adults, Plum Cards is sure to sizzle at get-together, reunions, kitty parties, bridal showers, bachelors, etc. Summers can last for a long time, winters can span for months, but the heat and chill of Plum Cards is here to stay for a lifetime.

Plum Cards – The Fun Card Game is all about tweaking absolutely clean questions and answers that can get really dirty if combined the wrong way! This witty game takes you on a journey of sinful fantasies that will make you addicted to play again and again.

Our witty Answers to your traditional Questions.

Why have you named the game Plum Cards – The Fun Card Game?

Full marks for this superb question! Well, just like the plum fruit, Plum Cards is a small, dark, sweet and juicy game that will leave you tempting for more.

How do I play Plum Cards?

Seems like you skipped reading through our spicy game “Rules” right besides FAQs tab. Well, no worries… Here are the rules to this sinful game once again exclusively for you.

Where can I buy Plum Cards?

Being an exclusive game of cards, Plum Cards is available only at and some online web stores. For now, take a quick peek into our online store to buy your pack of Plum Cards and become the rock star of every party.

How many players can play this game?

Well as they say… The More The Merrier! However, it is also true that Too Many Hands Can Spoil The Broth… So, it is absolutely for you to decide how many people you would like to invite for this game. (minimum number of players 4 and maximum 12)

Can I contribute Questions/Answers to Plum Cards?

We have our doors open for all those looking to share their most bizarre and waggish imaginations with the world. Feel free to Contact Us for making your witty, raunchy contributions to this bold and baffling game of cards.

Is there an app available for Plum Cards?

Plum Cards has been created to help people break-free from the monotony of tech-savvy world and get together to have a lively time of fun and frolic. This is one major reason we have constrained ourselves from designing an app for Plum Cards.

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